Paint Nail Bar





“We believe if you can’t find what you’re looking for—create it.”

After leaving Washington D.C. and moving to Sarasota in 2013, Mark and Michele Schlossberg struggled to find a healthy, safe, and reasonably priced environment where Michele could relax and enjoy expert nail services in a comfortable and social setting. It seemed the only choices were discount salons or upscale spas. It became clear that there was a need to be filled!

Michele has always had a love affair with everything beauty related and Mark was an ambitious entrepreneur who had started and sold several successful companies.

The idea for PAINT was actually born years ago, in 2009. Mark had always enjoyed accompanying Michele to her manicure and pedicure appointments, and at that time the two discussed a “what if” concept – a nail salon that was elegant and lovely, with the highest safety and sterilization standards in the country and an equal commitment to unprecedented customer service and client satisfaction.

Michele has been fortunate to weave her passion with her career over the years within the cosmetic, fitness, nutrition and wellness industries. Whether working with Fortune 500 companies or individual health and wellness clients, Michele is passionate about inspiring and helping others discover ways to incorporate more self-care into their lives.

Mark’s success in business always stemmed from his focus on treating his staff as members of “the family” who deserved to be respected and rewarded generously. As a result, Mark knew that his staff would always go to the greatest lengths to ensure their clients were “spoiled” with every possible attention to detail.

Mark and Michele’s goal was to conceive and bring to fruition a beautiful, hygienic nail salon that felt like a home—a chic home—where guests are welcomed with affordable luxury services, exceptional sanitation standards, and impeccable customer service. With that goal in mind, they established PAINT Nail Bar.


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